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Ken Traub

Ken Traub Consulting LLC is a Massachusetts Limited Liability Company founded in 2007 to provide services to software product companies and to enterprises that rely on advanced software technology to run their businesses.

Its founder, Ken Traub, has 30 years' experience in software engineering including the founding and leading the technical teams of three successful software companies. Ken has a track record of innovation in many areas of computer science including parallel processing, compiler technology, computer-aided engineering, computational geometry, natural language applied to database search, and radio-frequency identification (RFID). Ken has been instrumental in creating software standards for RFID through his involvement in GS1 (formerly EPCglobal), the global standards organization for RFID and the Electronic Product Code (EPC).

Ken's leadership roles within GS1 include:

  • Lead Editor of the GS1 System Architecture
  • Lead Editor of the EPC Tag Data Standard
  • Lead Editor of the EPC Information Services (EPCIS) standard
  • Lead Editor of the Core Business Vocabulary standard
  • Lead Editor of the Bar Code / RFID Interoperability guideline
  • Working Group Co-chair and editor of the Application Level Events (ALE) standard
  • Contributor to four other software standards efforts (ONS, Reader Protocol, Discovery Services, B2C Trusted Source of Data)
  • Member of the GS1 Architecture Group, which oversees all standards from a technical point of view

Ken has been a founder or technical advisor to five high technology startups in the Boston area. Ken was a founder and CTO of ConnecTerra Inc, an early pioneer in RFID software. Ken led the entry of ConnecTerra into the RFID software space, and at the same time established a worldwide reputation for ConnecTerra as the premier innovator in the emerging RFID middleware software space through his involvement in the MIT Auto-ID Center and EPCglobal as noted above. ConnecTerra was acquired by BEA Systems in October 2005, where Ken continued his role as the visionary behind RFID software technology, as well as being an influential founding member of BEA's Architecture Leadership Team.

Prior to ConnecTerra Ken was a co-founder and the Chief Technical Officer of Fact City, Inc. Fact City creates and sells FactLink data distribution software. FactLink provides for web-based search and navigation of structured databases using English keywords and phrases. Ken invented the algorithms at the core of the company's technology, and led the technical team in the creation of one of the first natural language database retrieval systems to be deployed on the World Wide Web.

Prior to Fact City, Ken was a co-founder and VP Software Engineering of Exa Corporation. Exa Corporation produces a software product called PowerFLOW, which is used by engineers to do simulations of fluid flow. Exa's customers include all the world's automakers, as well as shipbuilders, the nuclear industry, and NASA.

Ken received his B.S., M.S. and PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.