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Large Scale Software Projects

I work with engineering teams as a CTO and strategist. I provide technical leadership for the design and implementation of new products that you sell to your customers, or of internally facing projects. Projects of this kind are typically structured as a fixed-price, multi-phase engagement. Typical phases in which I play a leadership or supporting role are:

  • Use Case analysis - determining and documenting how end users and others will interact with the system being created.
  • Requirements analysis - extracting the functional and system requirements that must be met to satisfy the use cases, and planning how they will be met through successive versions of software.
  • Architecture and high-level design - determining the top-level building blocks of the overall system and defining the interfaces through which they interact. I help you find the right architecture that maximizes your flexibility over the long term to meet changing requirements and make the most of your product's distinct competences.
  • System construction and test - supporting your team through detailed design reviews, code reviews, and test plan reviews. In some instances, I also contribute directly to an implementation.

Fixed price fees for projects of this kind are negotiated according to the specific needs of the project.