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"On Call" Consulting Services

I am available for "on call" consulting services, in which I work with your project teams on an as-needed basis. In this mode, I am a trusted expert resource for your project team, offering an objective technical opinion on evolving project plans and implementation, and drawing upon my wide experience in scientific and business computing disciplines. For teams engaged in EPC and RFID activities, I also bring a uniquely authoritative perspective on EPCglobal standards and RFID deployments.

Here is a sample of ways in which I have assisted clients:

  • Developing use cases and requirements
  • Reviewing engineering designs for software systems
  • Providing a sounding board to vet your team's ideas against industry best practices
  • Investigating new technologies and creating proofs of concept
  • Making connections to industry leaders and technology vendors
  • Acting as a member of your extended team in presenting your technical expertise to your customers
  • Answering questions about EPCglobal standards and their application to your project