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The Visibility Data Workbench is a free interactive tool for working with EPCIS data. For more information, see the FAQ.

Enterprise Visibility Architecture and EPCIS

I help companies of all sizes develop an effective enterprise software architecture for managing and using visibility data. Visibility means knowing where things are and why, both within your own four walls and across your supply chains. Visibility data comes from giving unique identification to all the physical things you want to track — products, containers, capital assets, documents, etc. — and then using bar codes or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) to track those things.

A well-designed software architecture and governance process is the key to success in deploying visibility technology across the enterprise. The right architecture ensures that all visibility projects work together synergistically, with increasing benefits and decreasing costs over time. I help companies establish a solid foundation for incorporating visibility into their information systems, by delivering these components:

  • A well-documented, standards-based enterprise software architecture for visibility, defining enteprise-wide standards for identification, visibility data, and interfaces between project-level and enterprise-wide systems.
  • A structured methodology for documentation and review of individual visibilty projects within the enterprise, ensuring consistency and leveraging of learnings from one project to the next.
  • A governance structure that provides for the controlled evolution of visibility systems over time.
  • Training for business and IT staff on visibility technology and how it works.
I bring an approach to visibility architecture that is based on industry standards, including EPC Information Services (EPCIS) as the foundation for visibility data.