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As founder of Ken Traub Consulting, I am dedicated to helping companies and organizations of all types and sizes succeed in applying software technology to solve business problems. My expertise spans many areas of computer science, and I specialize in complex, multi-disciplinary problems.

For enterprises designing and deploying large-scale software systems, I help teams to meet engineering challenges successfully. Your team may be faced with implementing an unfamiliar technology, or scaling up a small implementation into an enterprise-wide solution. I bring a structured methodology that creates for your project a strong architectural foundation and implementation design. I help teams control risk and reduce the time to implement today's goals, and lay the foundation for meeting tomorrow's changing business conditions.

For software product companies, I am a “CTO and architect for hire” that extends the capacity and breadth of your engineering team. Your team may be confronted with a “blank sheet of paper” for a new product design, may need to understand a new technology area and relate it to your business, or may be struggling with an existing product architecture that is no longer agile enough to meet changing market requirements. I help you identify your core competence and create a software architecture for your product that maximizes its impact while giving you the greatest flexibility to respond to the market. I can also act as an R&D department to assimilate new technologies and create prototypes of new innovations.

For end users and solution providers of EPC and RFID systems, I provide all of the above benefits, and also bring you uniquely authoritative expertise in EPCglobal standards as the principal author of the EPC Information Systems (EPCIS) standard, the Application Level Events (ALE) standard, the EPC Tag Data Standard, and others. (Please see my biography for more details.) Your team learns “from the source” how best to apply EPCglobal standards to your business situation, and receives advice that is not biased by any product vendor's own agenda.

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